About us

We believe in the power of writing to change lives and the world. Our mission is to provide awesome services and resources for writers of all levels, so that they can enact this change in their lives. We are passionate about helping you to produce the best version of your writing possible, whether through paid services or our free writing advice

Courtney Stoker is a former writing instructor and writer. She has her Master’s degree in English Literature and three years of experience teaching writing, rhetoric, and argument at the college level. She’s also worked as a technical writer, UX writer, and is currently a content strategist at a creative marketing firm. She is qualified to edit fiction, creative nonfiction, and writing for the humanities. She is also our content development specialist, with a particular knack for resume creation.

Rose-Anne Meissner is a private tutor who specializes in biology, chemistry, and technical writing. She has her Ph.D. in neuroscience and several years of experience working as a biology postdoc. She is particularly qualified to help you with technical writing and writing in the sciences, such as lab reports, articles, and essays. She is also a talented blogger.