Privacy Policy

The Austin Writing Shop is committed to protecting your privacy, particularly when it comes to the writing you entrust to us.

To engage the services of the Austin Writing Shop, we collect limited personal information (usually just your full name), contact information required for communication, and the full text of the writing you want edited and critiqued. None of this information is shared with anyone who is not an owner of, employee of, or consultant for Austin Writing Shop and directly engaged in the task of providing you with the service you ask for. In particular, we will never reproduce your writing without your express permission. Anything sent to us is your property, and not the property of Austin Writing Shop or any of its employees or consultants. All material we draft for you is your property once you have paid for the service in full.

You may be contacted by the Austin Writing Shop to request permission to use your writing as an example of our work or for specific marketing purposes. You are under no obligation to provide this permission.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy.