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From the research report the highest X algorithm was found, that is called – X17 which was launched back in 2014. Basically, if you look at the hash function below you will see the 17 hash functions that set up the X17 algorithm. X11 is the name simplifies- it is chained hashing algorithm, which is used for the ‘Proof of Work’ calculations which secure the entire network of particular cryptocurrencies. If you want to effectively mine X11 coins you need to have a rig with a powerful CPU and GPU.

We regularly publish content about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, wallet guides, mining tutorials and trading tips. Now currently there are many ASICs capable for mining this algorithm more efficiently. So this algo is no longer possible to mine using general purpose hardware like CPU or GPU. ASICs are powerful, resource intensive, and their only purpose is to mine a specific algorithm efficiently. Since they are faster; regular users with GPUs and CPUs are put at competitive disadvantage with regards to receiving block rewards.

  • X11 is the name simplifies- it is chained hashing algorithm, which is used for the ‘Proof of Work’ calculations which secure the entire network of particular cryptocurrencies.
  • Graphing this data results in a curve showing total coins in circulation, known as the coin emission rate.
  • Another benefit is that X11 can hash quickly using CPUs and GPUs, while ensuring that GPUs stay cooler – compared to the hot temperatures generated when mining SHA256 or Scrypt.
  • Information on mining with X11 can be found in the Mining section of this documentation.
  • Instead, coins like Dash and Checkcoin group with other ASIC mining opportunities.

Especially Baikal’s sales&marketing has strong sales network all over China and will substantially widen and strengthen oversea sales network in future. As we mentioned as before, all of miner solution is Baikal self-developed by H/W, S/W , ASIC developers with high career in mining system. The Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm must have the most heroic-sounding name of them all. Ethereum uses a proof-of-work algorithm called Ethash, and the Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm was the first version of that. However, before you enter this information, you must first pick a pool.

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The benefit of developing your cryptocurrency on this algorithm is the high-level of security and reliability backed by a powerful POW concept. X11 Gost hashing algorithm is created by SIBCoin and is designed to make SIBCoin ASIC resistant, to provide profitable mining and to ensure high network decentralization. But all these positive aspects of the coin has been destroyed recently. X11 ASICs cannot mine X11Gost due to the unique hash function that it contains.

x11 algorithm coins

It was formerly developed by Evan Duffield and implemented into the Darkcoin, now DASH, protocol. X11-Gost is less power hungry and is made suitable for mining using NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. A single NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI GPU is capable of producing 20 Mh/S to 23 MH/S.

For WORKER, use the bitcoin address you want the BTC to be transferred to + any worker name with (.) between them. In this chapter I will show you how to join Multipool and mine X11 altcoins directly. Compared with other algorithms like SHA-256 and Scrypt, X11 is less intensive and so use less electricity. Computers running various algorithms tend to run very hot and use up a lot of electricity.

This is a very basic overview of a worst-case scenario and thankfully there are both social and technological solutions to this. However, it is important to note the potential for misuse of centralized hashing power. Single entities controlling massive portions of a network’s hashing rate is not good. In really simple terms, hashing power also plays a role in a blockchain’s democratic functions. The most extreme of this is the validity of the ledger, or in other words the history of that blockchain.

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To check the mining profitability of these coins we suggest you to use WhatToMine and other mining calculators. Now let’s take a look at all those coins that are powered by X11 PoW algorithm. Even though X11 is no longer providing ASIC resistance a lots of coins are still based on this algorithm. Majority of them were from that initially days of X11 when the algorithm actually provided ASIC resistance.

x11 algorithm coins

Compare this hashrate with Baikal Miner BK-X which is capable of hashing 1.35 GH/s @ just 200 Watts. Now there is even more powerful ASIC miner called Baikal BK-G28 which is a multi algorithm ASIC miner and it is 3 times faster than the previous machine. ASIC miners are always considered as a threat to the crypto mining ecosystem.

List of active coin for this algorithm according to current coin database.

Even though Antminer D3 mines the X11 algorithm, you can still use it to mine BTC. The reason you want to do that is that it makes more sense to mine BTC when it is going up, than mining altcoins directly. Cryptocurrencies such as Dash and Bitcoin are created through a cryptographically difficult process known as mining.

x11 algorithm coins

In the technology world, different types of algorithms arrived in the crypto market. Some of them are designed for various types of cryptocurrencies at once, some are global. This algorithm is the basis of bitcoin forks, for example, BTC Cash.

Baikal miner has recently updated their X11 miners to support multiple algorithms. The new algorithms, along with X11, are X13, X14, X15, Quark and Qubit. The additional algorithms are an interesting update to their miners.We were able to speak with Baikal about the upgraded miners and more. The CryptoNight algorithm is CryptoNote and Bytecoin’s proof-of-work algorithm and it was designed to allow CPU miners to work on equal terms. It’s not about driving a wedge between PC and ASIC miners, rather it’s about alloca… Dmitry Khovratovich and Alex Biryukov created and developed the EQUIHASH algorithm.

The Dash website has a page which will explain what you need to do to put together an X11 mining rig. The site will also give you hash rates for specific GPUs so you can work out whether your choice of GPU will lead to profitable mining. That said, because X11 ASIC rigs https://cryptolisting.org/ are not on the marketplace, it has become harder to profitably mine X11 with a home mining rig. Keccak, the function which won the competition and is therefore the new standard on which SHA-3 is based on, can at the very least be considered more secure that SHA-256.

Advantage & Disadvantage of The X11 Algorithm

It is more complicated than a SHA​-256 algorithm, which prevented the use of ASIC miners for a time. The algorithm uses 11 different hashes, hence the name, making it one safest and most advanced hashes in use by cryptocurrencies today. X11 was originally created because its developers wanted to move past the difficulties of the classic algorithm used by many cryptocurrencies – think SHA256 for Bitcoin, or Scrypt for Dogecoin and Litecoin. Since X11 uses multiple rounds of 11 different hash functions; it is considered to be one of the safest and the most advanced hashing algorithm in the cryptocurrency space. X11’s chained hashing algorithm utilizes a sequence of eleven scientific hashing algorithms for the proof-of-work. This is so that the processing distribution is fair and coins will be distributed in much the same way Bitcoin’s were originally.

It features masternodes and uses X11GOST as a Proof of Work algorithm. The use of 11 different algorithms also increases the security of every crypto coins using this method against brute force attacks. Brute force attacks against coins, such as Bitcoin, which use other algorithms are not currently possible but may be available at some point in the future. Developcoins is a well known X11 Algorithm development company which offers a secure, faster and highly reliable cryptocurrency creation services and Solution at affordable prices for our customers.

List of active coin for this algorithm according to current coin database. The final hash is output after obfuscated by all 11 algorithms. Here we are only going to list the top X11 coins by market cap. Kindly do your own research to find out the best X11 coin that offers the best value. I couldn’t find a Github page for their code on their main site, which is a real bad sign. It really depends on the price of bitcoin and how long you hold it.

However there is a specialized ASIC miner available for X11-Gost algorithm and due to this; mining X11Gost or SIBCoin using GPU became profitless. Dash, PacCoin, Pura, and many other popular coins uses X11 proof of work algorithm. X11 and other similar algorithms such as X12, X13, X14 etc are specifically created for GPU mining and they tend to provide good returns for GPU miners. These algorithms consist of different hashing algorithms which is chained together and due to this nature building an ASIC is quite complex. But somehow ASIC manufacturers cracked it and soon after GPU mining X11 algorithm became obsolete. Now X11-Gost is based on X11 and it too has a similar story.

Scrypt aimed to prevent mining monopolization by ASIC, and at first, it really worked out. Today ASIC equipment is also used to mine scrypt-algorithm cryptocurrency, which makes the process more centralized and less available. Dash suffers from neither of these limitations thanks to its second-layer network of masternodes.

Graphing this data results in a curve showing total coins in circulation, known as the coin emission rate. Governance is handled through a form of decentralized autonomous organization in which decisions are made on a blockchain via masternodes. Yes, GPU mining is profitable and x11 algorithm coins it will always be; only if you choose the right algorithm and coin. Mining some may be quite lucrative whereas some coins may leave you disappointed. So before setting up your GPUs and start mining it is very essential that you check the mining profitability of a cryptocurrency.

It is a subtle change but accurately reflects the sentiment of the mining community. Development of the X11 algorithm has been mostly none existent since its release in 2014. The hashing function enjoyed an ASIC free environment for a handful of years. However, without further development of ASIC resistance, the X11 hashing function has been overcome by ASIC hardware developers. View the best cryptocurrency mining pools for you favorite coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash. As you can see, you can use your Antminer D3 to mine X11 algorithm coins, as well as BTC.

We’ll keep updating this post whenever we find a new coin on X11. Also if you come across one then don’t forget to mention it in the comments below. While it is still more secure and complicated than Bitcoin’s SHA-256; it failed its original purpose of being ASIC-resistant.